Let us show you an enjoyable and memorable hunting trip on some of the Best Properties and Ranches in Australia.


Fallow Deer

We offer a large number of properties in many states of Australia. All with excellent trophy opportunities.  A very exciting hunt in the Rut when vocal, also make good hunting in Batchelor herds throughout the year and will also see large groups/numbers of does of all colors.

Our local herds have exploded in numbers over the last few years. Fallow prefer good pasture and are normally found not too far from paddocks and open ground. The Trophy quality has been on the improve and we have taken Bucks up to 230 Douglas. We will often see good numbers of Fallow  and an occasional good buck on  Sambar Deer hunts.


Hunt is for 3 to 5 days including Airport Transfers, Meals, Accommodation and Trophy Prep.


Season is February to September

Rifle requirement : Min  270