Let us show you an enjoyable and memorable hunting trip on some of the Best Properties and Ranches in Australia.


Red Stag

Free range hunts are coducted on private property in south east QLD or in north east NSW and Victoria where the hunter needs to be fit and cover a lot of ground so they can view as many vocal Stags as possible , with the best times being early morning and late evening.

Free range trophies are not as large as Ranch trophies, due to blood lines, hunting pressure etc.

A 12 or 14 point around 34” is a big free range Red Stag. In our area ( Nth East Victoria ) the herd numbers are growing and the trophy quality is improving every season.


Hunts are for 3 to 5 days including Airport transfers, Meals, Accommodation and Trophy Prep.


Season is Jan to Sept

Rifle requirement : Min 270